“Area Expo 2018” – the first real estate exhibition-sale in Georgia

On March 30, 31 and April 1, the first real estate exhibition-sale “Area Expo 2018” was held in Tbilisi. The event was hosted by Expo Georgia Exhibition Space. Developers, bank officials and customers participated in the exhibition. The 4th and 5th pavilions of the exhibition space were available to about 100 developers and 2000 guests, in total.

The 3-day event turned out to be informationally loaded and quite diverse. Dozens of apartments were sold and booked. The exhibition was attended by both Georgian citizens and foreigners, who are interested in real estate in Georgia. In addition, the attendees had the opportunity to listen to a series of talks on construction issues organized by marketer.ge.

Similar types of events often take place abroad. This enables customers to inspect and get acquainted with the projects under construction or already implemented projects in a single location in Georgia, select and purchase their desired apartment, office, as well as commercial area taking into consideration a region, district and architecture and, most importantly, with special conditions and prices.