What type of apartment we need

Perhaps, in our imagination our own apartment seems to be large locating in the central district (or suburb), but, in this case, our thoughts and wishes must coincide with our needs and, most importantly, budget.

Select rationally the total area of ​​the apartment – do not buy a huge apartment. While selecting the apartment, take the number of your family members into account within 5 years after moving in. Determine an adequate number of rooms and room areas for them.

Keep in mind that a large apartment requires more time and resources to look after and heat it or make it cool.

Find out whether or not the place for air conditioning and heating systems is considered in advance by the project – if it is considered, this means that the appearance of the house will not be distorted over time.

You should also pay attention to the apartment planning. Discuss comprehensively the possible layout of the rooms in your desired apartment with the Development Company. Remember that as many openings are included in the planning, so many rooms you will have. Consequently, do not allow yourselves to be misled by extremely large area.

Give preference to a pass through apartment – thus, you will solve the problem of ventilating easily in the future. If you plan to make partition walls yourself, keep in mind the layout of sanitary units and other communication system in your house in advance. Remember that you cannot change their places.

The material is prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the Developers Association.